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Proud Incorporated


The idea is to produce a limited amount of original shirts per month, each shirt comes with a branded pin that is attached over the AS color tag, by covering the tag with a proud pin it gives the tag a unique look, it is also removable. All proceeds will go towards developments, projects and relief efforts for 3rd world economies.

Black versions of the pins can be earned by supporters who have purchased the original shirts, to enter this competition you must have an Instagram, follow this brand and provide a photo of you with the shirt on, then tag #proudincorporated so it will be make the selection process easier, 1 winner per month will be selected.

Winners of the black pin will receive an additional reward in the future, this reward will require the black pin to claim, keep it safe.

Sizes are measured by Width/Length

Small 45/71 cm Medium 49/74 cm Large 53/77 cm

X Large 57/79 cm the model is 5.8'  wearing all various sizes for comparison.