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Welcome to Proud Incorporated



  • Our range will continue to grow as the brand succeeds developments in 3rd world countries.
  • As soon as major events occurrences happen there may possibly be newer merchandise developments or collaborations.


What is the brand?

Proud Incorporated is a brand lead by an entrepreneur who is providing solutions for 3rd world developing countries like Laos in order to reduce poverty with sustainable opportunities, which will grow its economy.

What does the logo mean?

The frame represents what is being captured in art a picture that is made with passion of something that has meaning to the artist, for an entrepreneur it could be an achievement such as an award or something that was the key to their success, which is kept in the frame as a reminder through their legacy.

What purpose is the brand for?

The purpose is to bring people who have a mindset that wants to contribute to developing societies which are still in the 3rd world, by sharing a brand with ideals of an Entrepreneur that is able to produce positive results in a developing society that followers can believe in and know the brand they have purchased does something for people who may need it the most.

What demographic is the target?

The quality and comfort is considered, so it may be costly for most average buyers and is mainly aimed at entrepreneurs, however this should not discourage people who support the ideal and vision of the brand.

What is the plan for the brand?

The idea is to produce a limited amount of original shirts per month, each Shirt comes with a branded pin that is attached over the tag, by covering the tag with a proud pin it gives the tag a unique look, it is also removable.

The plan for community engagement is to produce limited black versions of the pins which supporters who have purchased the original shirts are automatically entered in the competition to earn, 1 winner per month would be selected, if they have posted a picture of themselves wearing the shirt and tagging our Instagram with #proudincorporated, there will be an additional reward for the owner of the black pin, however this reward will be determined on how much developments have been made with the support in the 3rd world country.

There will be a collectible element of new designs for supporters of the brand to invest in, specifically in reference to the entrepreneur traits.