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Our Vision

Founded within the agricultural industry, we are to build opportunities for those that seek it, to innovate and create effective performances in the roughest working labor force, to build the lives of the workforce future with a critical problem solving mind set and coordinate the best education requirements, for the people to achieve the ability in finding the answer, to their purpose in a sustainable manner and to raise a legacy driven culture for themselves and their future.

Why merchandise?

Proud Incorporated is a brand that will represent the future of the millennial and what they can contribute to society, by providing funding with this brand by gathering enough funding to maintain operations in 3rd world countries, it will bring the brand closer to success in lowering poverty and provide opportunities for the disadvantaged regions, starting with Laos and eventually looking for more viable countries in need to support.

Who leads the brand?

The founder Ricky 'Proud' Phomphisane is an entrepreneur aspiring philanthropist, life coach and leader, who wants to bring together like minded individuals that want to make a direct impact in the economy within developing countries.

Proud Incorporated will be an Australian brand that will become the most transparent organisation through the use of social media platforms which are listed on the social media handles, you will be able to see every thought and planning process before developments are being made and you could contribute with your own feedback and opinions.