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The type of social cultures entrepreneurs learn to avoid and gain.

As an entrepreneur it takes many years to differentiate who the people are which can be essential to your success, most would say the people who invest money into your ideas are the main reason for this, which is correct in a financial stand point, but in this discussion, we will be looking at the people who may have the most impact in different perspectives in life.


These are the people who you have grown up to trust and enjoy a developing life with, the people who we all want to spend our spare time to experience and understand their social status, it is a very addictive social culture where we spend much of our financial savings towards, most of our life.

It is among the nature of entertainment which encourages these cultures to thrive, most of these activities for those which can afford it, will only gain a fixation of satisfaction the meaning of joy and living a life of forgetfulness in order to escape their reality of stress and other negative influences they may have experienced prior to this indulgence.

What most people don't realize is the moderation of these friendships can be controlled, simply by asking yourself questions of what you are really gaining from these engagements?

Maybe you could save money and time on something more profitable in a personal development state off thought.


A partner can be considered a significant other, business partner, investor or friend, but to summarize all the mentioned is that they have become a partner at some point of interaction and most of the situations leading to these agreements, have come from an idea or goal both parties have decided.

Significant others are invested in a more advanced friendship which mostly entails emotional support rather financial benefits at first.

These attachments require mental health that is the key to success, but can become a downfall if the financial stability is inconsistent, by having this partner there would be benefits that are limited to mental and financial support, but being solely dependent on these benefits alone could be detrimental to their lively hood, if not maintained effectively.

Business Partners

People who have an interest of your ideas or goals may become these, mostly these offers happen when you are having a conversation with the right social groups of friends, it usually happens more often in places of work or business in situations of development.

To really find these hidden gems of people is to simply have conversations about their role or plans in the future, if you manage to enter a conversation about their business plans of their future, you are one step closer to finding a new culture to experience.

It can be very advantageous for someone knowing, whether this is an opportunity to gain more knowledge about something out of their scope of understanding and learn something new, which they can gain for themselves and understand the value it can bring in their future as well.


People with funding to throw around are neither your friend nor partner, they are more likely to be a loan shark and are into you for your business profit, however you are gaining financial support for an idea, which is assisting towards your business for its success, so they can get their cut of the bargain.

The social cultures discussed in order are stages in which create a more sustainable lifestyle that can provide a more meaningful approach to your life, if you decide to experience new social cultures, which would help promote towards personal and financial opportunity developments.

Lastly all friends could become partners, but it would be much harder to transform them into beneficial partners, however you could transform a beneficial partner into a friend which is much more achievable.



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