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New leadership needs rare personality type to balance work life effectively.

We live in a world where authority is an essential key to behold within a business economy, however there are some cases which may effect the outcome of the business as a whole.

For some businesses there are ways to lead a team which has a positive effect on the bottom line of the business at the cost of the well being of others, would the line of balance be made if subordinates could put themselves at risk to become a whistle-blower?

All employees are put into a position of labor which limits their potential to make a difference the moment they accept a role within a business, they are unaware of what they could do to change the way work processes could be done better, without a dedicated source of relief which should come from senior level influences or human resources, sometimes the results of reaching out does not solve the matters within the work culture.

That is simply because of one necessary variable in the combination of expertise and experience, which is the personality traits.

It is important to know about the leadership styles which are.

  1. Demographic Leadership
  2. Autocratic Leadership
  3. Laissez-faire Leadership
  4. Strategic Leadership
  5. Trans-formative Leadership
  6. Transactional Leadership
  7. Coach-Style Leadership
  8. Bureaucratic Leadership

Each type is great for certain kinds of business, but as of recent times there are new businesses which require a more refined type of leadership today.

There are about 16 personality types from the MBTI which allows people to get an idea of the type of person you are, it is perceived as not 100% accurate but a very close result should match, there are other tests such as big 5 which can help determine if you are of that personality, however try not to get attached to these tests for it can only help you at a glance.

We won’t be going through all of them, but you can find out more about each personality here.

Now if you took the time to understand each personality we will be focusing on a personality type that is subjected to being the rarest one to be found.

The Advocate or INFJ-A is classified as someone who mainly plays the role in life which supports the well being of people in general and have a unique way of understanding the best solutions for problems in relation to people as a whole.

So in this scenario that we will be covering is to combine the right leadership styles and the personality type, that will come with a more balanced solution for businesses today.

We all know that businesses are mostly lead by a capitalist mindset, so people tend to assume make more money for the company is paramount and will profit an income boost to themselves and the company, however it only benefits the few in charge and not emphasizing enough towards the forces which actually operate in order to produce the bottom line.

This issue happens depending on how large the firm is running, when there is too many employees there is potential to become disconnected because the leader may have a hard time reaching their employees individually, so they would base their solutions from assumptions that may have both positive and negative results most importantly they are choosing the solutions which will maximize the bottom line.

Now if we look at how an INFJ-A functions they are basically putting their people first before taking into consideration of the company’s bottom line, which also means using most of their profits in order to improve on the quality of service and productivity.

Making things easier for its employees is essential, which could be cutting of work hours by half and keeping the salary the same meaning they work for double at less hours, now this idea could have two shifts to cover the full day which increases the wage expenses on the business, however this is a great concept to transition to which is basically what work life balance should be about right?

By having this kind of solution in place the INFJ-A would have to cut their wages or cut the work hours by half keeping the current wage making it double for the time worked, this requires a system that makes the role of the chief easier to manage its sources.

Usually when in a role of a CEO an INFJ-A would not benefit, what would be a large salary and would intend to limit it order to balance the wage gap over providing more for themselves.


So what leadership styles work well together for an INFJ-A?


The types of leaderships these rare people are most aligned with are the following.

Demographic Leadership style known by being able to consider the companies thoughts as a whole before making changes to its policies or any transitional changes that can benefit the future of the working environment.

So being an entry level employee can make an impact on the direction of the company, making them feel a part of a cohesive environment.

Laissez-faire Leadership is a good style but for INFJ-A it can become a problem if they are not kept in check which can create problems for them, so having the opportunity for the team to work at their own pace may not really get the results a company may need, however some elements of this style is considered if the team is determined to finish the tasks given.

Strategic Leadership is a great style which INFJ-A can reflect on due to their ability to communicate well and discover solutions at the cost of their expense, which will allow employees to benefit for their well being also an intuitive thinker makes it better for the business as a whole.

Trans-formative Leadership will be used to help improve the well being of an employee who is seeking an opportunity an INFJ-A would be able to develop ideas which in their nature would nurture personal development for the members of their company, who would like to improve to earn a better position or discover a new career path.

By understanding each of these styles the INFJ-A encompasses the best part of each system which is allowing the employees to have more freedom and worth within a business, which could create a sense of harmony within the working environment and nurture the environmental culture to work together as a team set up towards clear goals and ideals from the INFJ-A which is to bring balance within the business, while working.

"So the question is are you willing to work for a company or are you willing to working with one?"

On a final note as a job seeker, it is essential to know the working environment of a company before applying, most likely you will get an authority driven system in large company's and it is rare to find opportunities that will give you the freedom and well being you deserve, most of these opportunities comes from small businesses, good luck.

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