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How Laos could combat poverty and climate change with the right entrepreneur.

A Climate change and Poverty Strategy

The worlds we live in.

We live in a world that is now reliant on social media today based on millennial's who have been raised by it subconsciously to project their ideas, thoughts and values of a better future, it is hard to determine if progressions have been made because there are many new issues which outweigh the success of solutions for old problems.

In the first world there are many issues which are raised by political decisions all the time, most commonly they involve with the way the economy is effecting the society now and the popular environmental challenges they will face in the future.

For the third world and developing countries there is a perspective we must experience before we understand how their issues differentiate between other worlds, for instance their most common issues are possibly conflict, corruption or poverty.

But we must consider that despite the fact all worlds suffer in their own ways, there are cultures within those worlds which can thrive without being affected much by hardships they experience in life, whether if it is from the first world with the desirable culture or the third world producing enough just to get by mentality or needs, we have a common issue that can simply disrupt and scale the level of hardships in whatever world we live in today.


The common issue.

Climate change has been quite a menacing issue of our time on this planet and has been making headlines across multiple industries such as the economy, business, politics and agriculture to name a few, what are the common people to do for help?

We hear a lot about how these industries are effecting our future and all we can do is to point our fingers to the source of the issue and hope a solution manifests in some shape or form to solve it for us.

It is a great way to inform others about a common issue, but what we need to come to realize is if a problem is getting solved, what or who was the source of the solution, was it the policies the government introduced behind all this or maybe there is a small community that has arisen to do all the hard work lead by entrepreneurs with a solution, there must be an outsource that we can discover to help solve the issues more effectively.


A viable strategy

Where we must look for these solutions is a matter of how and that is simply by sourcing the right education to the right communities and when it should be done is now.

The strategy is to provide to a world that has never been or barely touched by the culture of entertainment, quality of life and comfortable living, we currently live a society in the first world which thrives off those desired sources for generations and it is only getting worse, due to the time we can use to become creative the automation into A.I economy will eventually boom and more people will decide to look for alternative solutions to live life in ways, which may not be productive towards moving society forward as a whole and more focused on them selves as the environment declines behind the scenes of people indulging on these desires, how could we find people to rely on about climate issues or poverty?

The only way as we mentioned earlier is to provide a world with the right education and that world is the third developing countries still in need today, to be clear not all third world developing countries are suffering from conflict, corruption and poverty in fact they are slowly improving, due to philanthropic projects we here little about on mainstream media.

If we were to win a battle against climate issues, the best chance we have as a society is to prove that there are countries out there who can thrive without luxuries and desires that capitalize for their economy in the most sustainable and conservative cultures the world could ever see, by setting an example for those countries in the first, despite their different cultural upbringing they are planning for the best strategy to keep the world from suffering the worst from the climate crises and preventing any desires, which do not contribute to the cause.


Why the third world countries and how?

The following information is a plan that has been developed by an entrepreneur who has been working on this project for many years.

To start off developing countries must require specific conditions in order to become successful candidates for this project to be effective, outlined below are some of the major influences of which will allow us to determine how much the efforts may work well in these circumstances.


  • Not under conflict of any sort unless specified by officials
  • No signs of political corruption in recent years
  • An increase in GDP or economy value
  • Weather conditions frequency
  • The state of environment and culture


By considering these factors there would be selected and researched countries which fit the criteria and analysed thoroughly with their culture in mind, it is important to understand how the culture of that country is towards developments and how they value the environment to gauge their concerns, once there is an alignment in ideals, opportunities can be developed and proposed to selected communities who may need it most by looking at parts of the region under the effect of poverty.

The reason why it is important to develop for people affected by poverty is because within those developing countries the quality of education are considered lower than most and we may consider their teachings to be non-traditional to a national standard, what these projects will attempt to accomplish are young students from supported families, who are willing to earn a scholarship to a more developed region or country in order to provide essential skills that will allow them to achieve developments within their own country once they return, by being guided with professionals to keep a development sustainable and ongoing.

By providing guidance support by people from first world countries, there would be a more comprehensive understanding on processes used today with the simplicity of affordable online learning and free courses for those in need.

Now by having these learning methods considered we have completed the first part of lifting poverty, by providing a source of knowledge and guidance it can encourage leadership towards environmental sustainable cultures, which has become most important now than ever.


We have helped lift poverty and how does it affect the environment?

We will use a project of an entrepreneur to determine the state of a country called Laos as you can see below there is a video on a plan to cultivate a farm with a valuable tree which will become a sustainable resource to the people of Laos.



By having this kind of plan there would be less emphasis on purchasing fossil fuels, it will then be able to save the economy money and produce more trees for the environment.

That is just one of many plans to inherit a more sustainable economy, now we can briefly look at conservationist plans, which in this developing country they thrive themselves with wildlife and have been doing it peacefully for generations, with the entrepreneurs experience among these people it is considered not all of this country is suffering in poverty but they are fine with what they can produce to get by.

It is fine for them as people to produce enough to get by, however we must consider the factor which has been created to shape the economy towards the culture that threatens this lifestyle and to combat it with a culture that is to inherit conservation in a sustainable manner.

How it would be done is by providing guidance to the people in poverty towards tourism based developments in order to balance the protection and sustainability of the environment, if they are cultured to care for the environment because it is profitable to them, it will be likely the key to protecting the ecosystem as a whole for the country in that, all the profits would be reinvested into more development at different parts of the region to protect and develop more profitable attractions continuing the culture for generations to come.


What results are to be expected?

What we want to achieve by the end of this project is an economy which thrives solely on tourism with their conserved environment and a peaceful culture that is not under any pressure of poverty, however there is one challenge that is being faced and that is the growing economy of the entertainment, quality of life, comfortable living or desire culture, which may eventually creep out towards other cities and may play a role in effecting the amount of conservation that can be claimed in the future, so if we want to develop towards an environmentally focused culture, we must support developments for these causes today.

On a final note the first world has become too comfortable with the things they must give up, making it very challenging for them to make changes for an environmentally conservative future, whereas the developing world have nothing to give up and much to gain, only by acquiring the right guidance towards the future that is needed for them, by building towards a sustainable and conservative future in their world.


If you would like to know more about this cause, please support this development directly, it is ongoing and you can simply purchase a merchandise on this website or If you would like to know more about this project and become a part of this journey you can donate at the following link.



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